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Illustration for article titled Interactions with Teenage Clerks

The scene: Yesterday afternoon, Ace Hardware. I decided to pick up some potting soil because I was running low and I was in the area waiting for my car to get fixed.


Teen Clerk: (looking at the bag of Happy Frog potting soil) How is this stuff, is it pretty good? I wanted to know what soil is good.

Me: It's alright, I've been using the ocean stuff from the same brand for a while and I liked it. But I need variety because I have, like, 60 plants.


TC: What do you grow?

M:Oh, all kinds of stuff.

Long pause

TC: ... Like herbs?

M: (suspiciously squinting at this kid) ....yeah, something like that.

Another long pause.

TC: ...Minty...

Tell me about your awkward clerk interactions.

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