This is an interesting article. There are many pictures some of which looks like a minitornado went through. The author has problems with this and the Last Act section of discounted stuff.

I sometimes walk through Macy’s to get to the inside of the mall. This Maçy’s does not look as bad as the one the author visited. One thing I noticed was the utter lack of employees as well as custmers, some seemed to be doing exactly what I was doing, walking through to get to the inside of mall. There are always great parking spots in front of Macy’s.

I do recall in the 70s and 80s when Macy’s was Jordan Marsh. Now there was an impeccably clean and orderly place. Why? You always saw employees. I recall buying clothes and the men’s department had one employee primary role helping the customer, another dealing with inventory and also helping customers and a third behind the register. Also when not dealing with customers all three worked with inventory.

At Macy’s it seems one person per department.

Macy’s bought out Jordan Marsh. Anyone recall Jordan Marsh?