So on Wednesday, Mr. Ivriniel’s former employer abruptly ceased operations. Payday was Tueday, but no one got paid. Wednesday, the office was just locked.

Mr Ivriniel hasn’t worked there for almost three years. He was let go under pretty bizarre circumstances, where he was accused of having brought a gun into the office, (it was an umbrella in a back carrying sleeve) and having a “pressure cooker bomb” in his trunk (no idea what this was, as we do not own a pressure cooker.) but no one reported it to police until a month after the alleged event. Long story short, a horrible VP instituted a campaign to get rid of him.

Horrible VP got canned less than a year later after multiple senior employees said they would no longer work with him.

I am not surprised they went under. When Mr I and I first started dating, they had a VP who under quoted every project they bid for. They got themselves into an impossible hole. Then they started getting rid of senior staff like Mr. I who had skills no one else did.

So anyways, Mr I is meeting with old coworkers who were still there today. He’s had his own business since his old job let him go, and they are discussing possibly joining up with him.