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Interesting FB comment from a guy who grabbed my boob, once

Back when I was young and naive enough to think it was an accident so I didn't say anything.

I made a post today about how it's normal to glance at someone's boobs but staring is creepy so don't be a creep, and this guy responded, "But boobs are fun!"

I replied, "So is not being sleazed on!"

And he said, "What's the protocol for a fondle?"

"Well without consent it's sexual assault so...there's that," I said.

To which he replied, "Fun hater"

And moments later, "just kidding by the way haha"

Huh. I mean. Wow. This was literally five minutes ago so I'm still processing. But part of me always knew it and the other part is saying, "Oh. So that's who you are."


Not funny.

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