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Interesting Parenting Discussion...

I witnessed this discussion on the book of faces the other day. I found it quite interesting, because i've noticed that the overwhelming amount of daddy and mommy blogs are written by white, middle class people. I don't have kids, but i'm going into education, so those kids are going to end up in my classroom. But the reality is that most of those kids aren't going to be white nor middle class because of where I live. But yet these bloggers are very influential.

So here's what happened!

Friend A shared a link to this blog post. I noticed it, read it, shared it with my NA grandmother who immediately poopooed it and and wondered out loud if she'd been living in the lap of luxury before she had kids. (my grandmother was raised on a farm by her grandmother in the depression and ended up raising four kids on her own, she rocks!!!) So i just ignored it and moved on.


But then Friend B later commented on the thread with the following: Are there any non-white mommy bloggers? Almost all the ones I see on FB are white. The only non-white one i've seen recently was written in response to Ferguson. Just curious, because my cultural context is soo different when it comes to kids and parenting

Friend A responded: There's a cultural context in which moms aren't tired or get morning sickness, or where parenting isn't harder than one ever imagined?

Friend B replied:Sure, but how those experiences are handled/interpreted do vary depending upon the culture, (redacted link to personal FB page). I'm in education so i keep an eye on these things, cuz i'll have those kids in my classroom. The more I read and talk to my family, the more I see those differences.

There we're a couple of responses by other people about how comforting this blog post was, but then another unexpected voice chimed in!


Friend C: I also wondered about the whiteness. While many parents of differing cultural contexts all experience parenting challenges- I am struck by the particular way that many middle class white women experience/talk about how hard parenting is. I work as doula in {redacted} where my clients are very diverse racially and economically and I was a teacher for several years. This trend has held true in both those experiences as well. I currently parent in a diverse but mostly Black context but have also parented in much whiter spaces and it is very different.

I did a little googling and found the following blogs that have interesting things to say on bloggers and race:




So, yeah i'm off to class now (boo for the start of grad school soo soon!) but this has been percolating in the back of my head for a bit now. But I have noticed differences between how my disappearing white friends talk about parenting vs my friends who identify as POC. It's quite stark in some cases...

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