Spoilers for latest episode of Game of Thrones.

let's talk about Shae.

and about the fact that more than likely someone had to strongarm her onto that stand, looking as miserable as she did. (this is going off the show- show!Shae is not book!Shae.)

Tyrion called her a whore several times, rejected her offer to run off to Essos with him (because he'd rather stay in Westeros and play the game), shamed her repeatedly, made her do everything on his terms for seasons, and decided she didn't need to know what was going on her own good.

So now she's alone, being the handmaiden (a role she never wanted) to an accused murderer who has disappeared and the ex-lover of another accused murderer. What is she supposed to do when they come looking for her and her testimony?

Shae is not a saint. Shae is a survivor, and a free woman. She can go wherever she likes and fuck whomever she wants, and she has no obligation to Tyrion, especially after he threw her out like trash. Yes, we know he was trying to protect her (after marginalizing her for a couple years) but she didn't know that, and he dumped her anyway. The best thing Tyrion could have done for Shae, if he truly loved her above all, was to leave Westeros with her when she asked him to, but instead he stayed in Westeros, placed her in danger, bringing her into the Red Keep, while he married another woman and played a deadly game.

Shae makes mistakes (and may make more) and it hurts to see her twist loving words against Tyrion now, but she is not evil, and I'm tired of seeing people trash her as so

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