Sidebar Behavior Has Changed (Updated)

When I first saw the change in sidebar behavior, I posted a help request to Crosstalk and it was explained that things were working correctly. Since then, a post has been added to the Product Kinja (which I've linked), but since it's also explained in my post and the thread which includes Lauren's reply, I'm embedding them below.

Between my two paragraphs, Lauren's comment, the thread which sprang from it and her post to the product Kinja, I'd say the sidebar change could be pretty well explained.

(I've updated the original post to say that this apparently also applies to the ad-supported blogs)

Interesting Sidebar Behavior (Update: Sidebar Behavior has Changed)

I'm tagging this Kinja Help because if the sidebar was behaving this way yesterday, I didn't notice and whether it's working right or not, I thought this worthy of a heads-up.

When looking at the Crosstalk index page, I get the sidebar which follows the pattern we've known (current, "popular" posts), but if I click through to individual posts, even though they are from Crosstalk, I'm seeing the sidebar which is the personal for the author of that post.

For example, right-click the Crosstalk logo text and open it into a new tab. Compare that sidebar to the one which is to the left of this post.

Update: Here's a link to Lauren's post. Though it really doesn't include anything that isn't covered in the thread, below. (Also, the Kinja Help tag has been removed)


2nd Update: It looks like the same functionality has been applied to the ad-supported blogs and if a blogger hasn't recommended any posts, the sidebars on their own will be blank. This is the same as it works with community bloggers, so apparently it's not broke.

3rd Update: Lauren has confirmed this to be the case.