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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Interesting things in New York in May

A friend and I are going to New York in May, and I'm excited because I've never really had time to just be a tourist there. I've been there & around for events, like weddings or ill-advised New Year's Eve visits (I was in college, I didn't know any better), so not really able to just wander around.


I can figure out what kinds of touristy stuff I want to do (though if there are things that I should definitely see or FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AVOID AVOID AVOID, by all means let me know) but I'm curious about what might be going on that I wouldn't read about on TripAdvisor or whatever. Like gallery showings or way-off-Broadway productions or really just anything that might be interesting. Probably second full week of May, like 12-19. Any suggestions?

Eta: If anyone can tell me how to get tickets for The Daily Show or Colbert, I will literally produce a first child and give it to you.

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