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I know this is old news at this point but I was too busy to gather my thoughts when it was still trending.

As a pro-gun control person who works in mental health, I had a lot of mixed feelings about this ban. I thought this write-up did a pretty good job describing the problems with this ban.


I also think this quote is great at summarizing my feelings on mental health and gun control in general:

With any luck, both parties will stop using mental health as a cudgel in the gun control debate. People with disabilities deserve better than to be used as props in the country’s ongoing back and forth on gun control.

Personally, I would like to see laws that are more targeted. If you’ve tried to kill yourself or someone else in the last couple of years? No, you should not get a gun. Should that be a forever thing? Maybe not. Maybe after a couple of years and a good psych eval, that should be over-turned.

But it harms patients with intense right now suicidal ideation (and a history of attempts) to hand guns out like candy.


ETA: In other words, it needs to be less of a focus on mental health - which encompasses such a diverse group of people - and more of a focus on risk. Which, actually, has very little overlap with mental health most of the time.

Thoughts? Dissenting but respectful opinions welcome.

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