Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I have noticed that during this whole Feminist selfie thing, when people have spoken about the ways that it empowers them to think beyond what is the dominant beauty paradigm or having control over their image presentation. When they posted their selfie, it is almost reflexive that people say that they are beautiful. I've wondered it in most picture threads—including the one's I've participated in—is there a hierarchy that is established because of perceived attractiveness? Are you more interested in a poster that you find attractive? Or are you more likely notice and endorse a picture that seems more appealing appearance-wise (the most conventionally attractive selfies on the mainpage got the most stars)?

It's a question because I do think that there is a weird relationship between being a commenter and sharing your feelings and thoughts and then showing your physical image with all the stuff that entails. And I have mixed feelings about lots of pictures—part of it is I love to see what people look like and then I wonder if as a community, we can escape the bias towards certain types of beauty that is so prevalent.


(PS. A few edits a few minutes ago for grammar and language clarity only)

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