Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

What pieces of internet conventional wisdom has left you *tired/frustrated/etc*? (Disclaimer: trivial whining below)

I desperately need a bra that fits and so in the past couple of days I’ve gone to Victoria’s Secret and to reputedly one of the best bra fitters in New York. Everyone rags on VS but my experience there was wonderful and the fitter was infinitely patient about all my pathos and really listened to my concerns. On the other hand the small independent shop (which is supposed to be the thing you do) was a disaster. She kept not really listening and it was a free fitting with purchase but I didn’t like any of the bras she was offering and she wouldn’t listen to my concerns and so I kinda broke down at the idea of shelling out $80 for a bra I didn’t like. I really really would prefer to just pay $200 for a fitting and be done with it. I think the only saving grace is I’d gone with a friend who had had a good experience and had brought her mom and she didn’t want to alienate her as a customer. And both VS and the fitter sized me into the same bands and cups...


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