You know when you REALLY loved a hobby/side venture, had to leave it and then jump back into it? That's what me and my radio show are like. And sometimes it feels... awkward.

It's been probably a month since my last show because of holidays and the weather. Today I'm going back. I hate comparing how I'm doing right now to how I did back when I was in school... but I can't help it. My "voice" has changed. The political voice I had back then has kinda modified and isn't as vocal in my daily life. My comedy skills are off still but I think are coming back from GT and commenting on Jez, Gawker and Twitter.

So yeah. I'm self-promoting. Which I'm HORRIBLE AT and still feel embarrassment, shame and insecurity about even when I'm NOT self-promoting and just sharing other people's posts.


Show is today from 1 pm Central to 2:30 pm Central time on FreeRadioSAIC.

The show IS playable at different times though we've got a new computer system and need to figure out how to load the new shows up. I'll prob talk about meeting Pink and play her songs. And the crazy gun vs texting stuff. Hope you'll show up to listen! I'll be chatting/posting here in the comments.


p.s. I'm baking bacon in the oven and am REALLY EXCITED TO EAT IT! Hence the picture!