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Internship Application Help

Alright, I think it's time to finally crowdsource this.

I'm applying for the Humanity in Action internship. It seems to be exactly what I need - time abroad, human rights oriented, willing to take on people who have little experience as of yet. I did a resume, sent it to my school's career development office, haven't heard back. I'm freaking out a little because I don't have ANY experience outside of all my aquatics jobs.


I also have to write a 500 word Personal Statement that describes the "aspects of my character, experiences, and goals that draw me to HIA." Seems easy enough but is just SO aimless that I'm having trouble. I also have a lot of trouble talking about myself, it always feels braggy. And I have no experience with it - at my school we have an honor code that doesn't even let us talk about grades.

The rest is just a response essay which I expect no trouble with. But if anyone could give me any tips on writing a personal statement, or would be willing to read my resume? Particularly if you work in human rights or peace and conflict? I would love you forever.

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