I'll admit that as a white male(ish) person I have a lot to learn about intersectionality, but I've noticed something that bothers me.

I saw a meme dissing Sandra Fluke (not going to post it here) and while it annoyed me, what annoyed me more was wherre I saw it: it was on a tumblr of someone who identified as bisexual, and who had other memes calling out homophobia.

This reminded me of a discuszsion I read about a beloved queer icon from the 70s who was allegedly a virulent, nasty racist. Someone argued that he couldn't be racist because as a gay man he knew about facing bigotry.

I think this is a big mistake, to assume intersectionality. Some people do it really well, others not so much.

I'm keeping this short because I want to have a discussion.Am I full of it here?