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Interstate 55 Closing Overnight, over 60 miles of I-44 Already Closed

If anyone you know is travelling on I-55 through St. Louis area, it’s going to be closed just south of St. Louis overnight due to flooding. If they are heading north and want to go to St. Louis, they’ll need to cross the Mississippi River at Chester or Cape Girardeau and take Illinois Rte 3 north to East St. Louis and take the Poplar Street Bridge across to meet up with 55N. OF COURSE the Poplar Street Bridge is under construction and has lane restrictions. If they are just taking 55N they’ll be better off taking 255 all the way around East St. Louis until where it meets up with I-55.

If travelling up from Oklahoma on I-44, good luck. It’s closed from Lebanon to Rolla, and then closed again from Eureka to the 270 loop in St. Louis. No clue how best to navigate around Lake of the Ozarks and get east. But just get to I-70 somehow. If they do end up on a smaller route on their way to St. Louis, every way across the Meramec River south of MO-100 is closed due to flooding. (109, 44, 141, 30, 21, 55, Lemay Ferry, Telegraph, basically northern Jefferson County is an island)


Don’t expect I-44 to be open any time soon. Not only are we due for 2-4 more inches of rain starting tomorrow through Thursday, but early reports indicate the actual pavement has been washed away at places on rural I-44.

I-55 will probably be closed through the weekend. The Meramec hasn’t crested yet at the confluence with the Mississippi and the Mississippi is flooding as well. Not enough to cause significant damage, but also slowing the movement of floodwaters out of the Meramec River basin.

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