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Hey guys,

I’ve been mostly lurking for awhile because I’ve been super busy planning to move across the country for school, getting an apartment, looking for a summer job here and a fall job there, etc. And the good news is, I found an apartment! And possibly a job!

I have a Skype interview for a part-time job as an editorial assistant and project manager for a small university press at a nearby college. It’s basically the perfect job— part-time, pretty flexible hours, and in a field I’m actually interested in, so if I could land this job and get work experience while in grad school, it’d be amazing (my program is great but is much more focused on writing and theory than potential day jobs in the field). I’ve been a freelance writer/editor for years, and I’ve done retail interviews and grad school interviews, but I’ve actually never done an interview for this kind of job. So I’m turning to the hive mind for advice. What might they ask? What should I ask?


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