Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So, I am going back to my 'old' office - seems I wasn't selected to be a FTE at the previous position I was contracting for... but I've been 'strongly encouraged' to apply for the position I am interviewing for today. It's a demotion but the pay is still good and I will be learning A LOT of new things and of course, it's a large department in the public sector so there is implied room for advancement (and perhaps back into the role I was in before.)

So, I do want this job, but it's gonna be so awkward to come back in a clearly different role and one that below what I was working as...and I'm still unclear as to whether there were really only the positions available and I didn't outdo my nearest competitor or that because of some of the mistakes I made at the beginning cost me 'points' and ineligible as a fourth hire or they really only had three positions available.


Anyway, whether this is a consolation prize or not, I take it as a compliment that the 'big man' in our section of the department came by to make sure that I applied for this job. In some ways, I know it will be fun and I'll know most of the people I'll be working with already... Also, they have considerably moved up the timeline for interviewing - I was told mid January and imagine my shock when I got a phone call last week to schedule an interview for today.

So, please wish me luck! (I'm terrible at this interviewing stuff!)

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