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Interview Update, The Farmers Market, & Go-Go Dancing

Thank you for all the well-wishes and support for my interview this morning. I liked it a lot, and hope I get the position. The people are nice, and it was fun to get dressed up and go somewhere.

Other than that, I did some weekly farmers market shopping. I’m such a regular (like at my coffee joint, my cheese joint, and my ice cream joint-oh the joys of city life!), I have my coffee guy, my juice guy, and my mozzarella guy. Yes they sell fresh mozzarella at the farmers market. Got some tomatoes and spinach too, all part of a balanced diet. Still need to boil some eggs (from my egg guy).

I know, mundane...

On another note: I’m going to my first Go-Go dance lesson tonight! I’m so stoked. I ‘gave up’ pole, because it was a hassle to drive the distance to get to my studio. Since I missed dance so much, and there’s only one studio around here, I decided to go for it. The reason I picked Go-Go is because it’s very interesting, and if I get good enough...maybe I can pick up some side work (I’m only half joking.) I get to dress ‘sexy’ and use my pole shoes again. Hopefully the dancing will get me back into a good fitness routine.


I think I’m doing fine. One party next weekend, and a girls night that I’m looking forward to.

I gotta smile!

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