They hate you. They detest you. I've had these pictures sent to my boss. I've had them sent to my cousin, to my sister, to my mother and father, to my colleagues, to my friends, to guys on my Facebook friend list just for the sake of messing with my life. This isn't about porn, this is about humiliation. There's plenty naked women on the Internet who are there by their free will and would love to be looked at. I'm not one of them. That's the appeal of this. It's humiliation. It's about creating a narrative about me being a normal person who is also a slut.

Super insightful. And also terrifying. And obviously, the comments are awful. Nothing but "asking for it" and missing literally the entire point of what she was trying to say. It's incredible how hard people will work to not empathize with a person. Like, how could you read this and blame her when there are literally hundreds of men going so far out of their way to do this to her?

I also like that she pointed out that it wasn't teenage boys or imagined weirdos in their moms' basements. It's regular men, not the internet equivalent of a rapist hiding in a bush.