So I just watched this season's second episode, and I wondered what you all thought about it! Here be spoilers.......





So, since everyone and their dog on tumblr seems to be making lists about this, here's mine:

What I liked:

-Proper space battle! Shit getting blown up! And....AND the Fantastic Voyage references! I squealed with joy when the Dalek Antibodies showed up.

-The Doctor being, as usual, the smartest guy in the room. I love 12, you guys. He's a grumpy old mad scientist and I heart him a lot. (Also, I love that he has books and chalkboards with equations scribbled on them in the TARDIS control room. 12 is a nerd!)

-Clara being really, really clever AND not putting up with the Doctor's bullshit. I practically cheered when she slapped him. I am FINALLY starting to like her a a lot - why it took Moffatt so damn long to give her an actual personality remains a mystery to me. (On that point, are we sure Moffatt hasn't been replaced by a Replicant or something? I mean, Clara went from having zero impact and having zero personality to someone who can hold her own, and then some, against the Doctor. It's a little baffling, honestly.)

-Danny Pink! I loved him in seconds. He's adorable.

What I didn't like:

-I wish they had spent a little more time on the impact of the Dalek's revelation on the Doctor. I mean we saw him look devastated when the Dalek said it saw hatred inside his mind, but....I don't know. It felt like the whole episode was building to that point, and then they kind of....left it hanging.


-I think it would've been cool to have a mention of Clara's (or Oswin or whoever, I still haven't got that straight) time as a Dalek. Just felt like a missed opportunity in the writing.

And the last thing I thought was interesting was the end, when the Doctor told Clara she must be an amazing teacher. Aside from being very sweet, I like the idea of talking more about what the Doctor's friends teach HIM, and how they change HIM. Every companion's story seems to be presented as what they learn from the Doctor, and how HE makes their lives better/changes'll be nice to see the flip side of that if that's the direction they're going.

Well, that ended up being longer than I thought. I just have a lot of Doctor feels, ok? :-)