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So, after I woke up this morning I made the pleasant discovery that I have posting privileges!! Thank you, Powers that Be of GT, and I promise to use my powers for good, not evil.

Right now I am stuck at home on Day 4 of the snowstorm that has encased the PNW with snow and ice (and mostly dangerous traveling conditions—trains, buses, sidewalks, you name it). ALSO, because of this mercury in retrograde thing or just shit luck, I got in a car accident this week and am still recovering from being spun around. Mostly I just feel spacey and "out of it" with a mild, constant headache. It's sort of like being stoned, but less fun. I only wish I could be working out or doing something productive. Ugh. SO I'm currently watching a lot of the Olympics. Oh and I just had a lovely Greek yogurt-fruit shake.


What are y'all up to?

UPDATE: Dad just walked in and announced that later he's making me a cocktail of snow and rye whiskey... Love you, Dad!

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