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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Introvert Grumble and Mental Health Stuff

When you have to go to a bridal shower but you really don’t feel capable of making small talk and you don’t know what to wear and your other friend who’s going is like “the restaurant is casual but I’m wearing a dress but I think as long as you don’t wear jeans it’s fine” and you literally have no clothes that are appropriate because none of your nicer clothes currently fit. And also you slept really badly the night before despite taking a sleeping pill and immediately after the shower you have to go to another friend’s place for an Oscar party that you instigated but now really don’t feel up to but can’t cancel because you’re giving someone else a ride and you invited another friend who doesn’t know the friend whose apartment we’re going to and if you canceled it would actually ruin everyone’s plans.

The underlying issue here is that I’ve been feeling very shitty lately and today’s abundance of plans has me overwhelmed. I’m kind of wondering if I need to go back to therapy and possibly get on medication (does anybody know if mild bipolar disorder is a thing?) but I’m not sure I can afford any of that and I wish I could stay at home and sleep.


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