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Intrusive Thoughts

I hate them. I'm having a lot of trouble getting going today because I keep having a lot of memories of a past rape. I think it's because we've been moving and I somehow hurt my back on something - I've got a bruise on one of the vertebra of my mid-low back - right in the same spot where I slammed it on the treads of the stairway when I was dropped in my efforts to get away. The body and mind are weird. I had nightmares about it last night, too.

Anyway, sorry there isn't really any point to this post except that I'm hoping by verbalizing it it will help me to get control over some of these thoughts and help get me grounded a bit. I have so much to do today in terms of packing so we can be ready for our moving truck tomorrow - I don't have time for this! Are there any tricks you guys know of or have worked for you in the past for this sort of thing?


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