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Invigorating! (Morning OT)

This has never happened to me: yesterday, I was on a conference call with all women. One was my client, one was an electrical engineer, one was a plan expediter, one was a construction manager/representative/something, and one was an architect. <3 <3 <3 <3 It was so productive and without interruption!

In this call, whenever a problem was brought up and someone gave ideas to fix it, whoever was in charge of figuring it out would either say EXACTLY why it wouldn’t work - not “welllll I dunno going to have to check but definitely won’t give you the benefit of the doubt first” (only later to send an email conceding I was right) - or they’d say “OK I’ll check on that” and that’s it.

I love talking construction stuff to other women. I am lucky to have a bunch of women in my life like that.


In other news...

Today, we are kind of waiting on a tropical storm to continue dumping rain on us, but there have been some minor tornado stuff and everything so everyone at my job who commutes across the lake gets to work from home because, you know, danger. So, snow day! (sort of since I’m “working”).

I’m putting in my notice next week. Gahhh!

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