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Invitation Request Thread and Clearing Up Some Stuff

This invite thread is closed. Please check the date on these posts before responding to them.

It's that time! I'm still fighting off being pretty sick, so thanks much for your patience! As always, getting added as an author on GT is an ongoing possibility and this is one of those times to toss your hat into the ring. Please respond to this thread, ideally with a link to your Kinja page (because a lot of your usernames are different from your actual Kinja blog URLs and it's easier for all of us to keep track) and perhaps a jaunty comment, if you'd like to be considered.

The best way to get authorship is to post constructively and create a positive rapport with the community (the longer the better so we can get to know you). If you haven't been invited yet, it doesn't mean you haven't done those things. In fact, please try again! The more of a commenting history you build, the better myself and the mods/admins who select authors (we're a whole team) can get to know you. People, including the staff, are still adjusting to the new system. That means things are still on a smaller scale so there is no guaranteed authorship (and authorship privileges can be revoked at any time by the mods/admins/editors). But we're expanding a bit more now so please try now or try again or try next time. Not making it in once doesn't mean not making it in always.


And no, I will not be responding to let you know whether or not you're accepted. Too much potential for unnecessary drama. But I will answer questions in general about the new system to the best of my ability. This round of invites will last for a few days, so you can always try later on to see if you can post (you'll have the option for Groupthink when you click your name or when you compose a post if you're in). So play around! And give us some time as every mod and admin also has a bunch of RL stuff to handle, too. Because this process is indefinite, you'll have indefinite chances. Try not to sweat it too much! :)

To clear some things up: GT is still the same old GT. The Powder Room is NOT the new GT, it's its own separate entity. It's still in development and has a different ultimate purpose (which will be discussed more someday). Groupthink is a place for Jezzies to hang out and talk in their own open forum, same as always. If you want something moderated that happened on Groupthink, you can contact me or one of the admins (such as Chritter). If you see something on the main site, contact commenters@jezebel.com So, same old Groupthink. Just a slightly different moderation system. So yes, you still have moderators (particularly myself, Slay, and BabyJane). Now, in fact, you have moderators AND administrators so it's kind of like double the mod. So again, GT is still the official GT of Jezebel like it's always been. It's run by the admins, the mods, and the editors of Jezebel same as ever. No idea where the confusion on this came from, but happy to squash it :)

Sorry in advance for any delay in responses and invitations as I am quite sick like I said. But you have other admins here working on it, too. Looking forward to the next expansion of GT! So whether it's your first time requesting or your fifth, keep going. We want to enjoy our awesome new forum features with you.


-The Mods

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