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Iowa called.

About three weeks ago, Iowa called. I raged, I cried, I got an inch deep into a giant margarita (I'm pretty sure they floated ALL of the tequila on top) and shrieked "I DON'T WANT TO MOVE TO IOWA!!!" while sobbing.

Three weeks passed, we heard nothing. On Friday, Iowa called back.

They offered Mr. Waffle the position at about the amount he asked for, which is better than he thought they'd offer. They also have a family medical plan, PTO, profit sharing, and OT.


Mr. Waffle recognizes his questionable work history, and knows that even though he wants to be able to be "the provider," he just isn't reliable enough for us to pick up and go. Fortunately, the company is offering a 60 trial period, during which he'd have to live at an extended-stay motel or rent a room. However, this would mean a 2-3 month period during which we're not together every day. :(

He has a call scheduled with Iowa tomorrow at which time he'll tell them our decision. However, we haven't made it yet. We had a lovely weekend together, the first weekend in a long time that we've been able to spend both weekend days together. We touched briefly on the topic several times, but he's conflicted and can't tell if it feels right or not, and I don't know what to tell him. Obviously I don't want to be away from him for months, but it could be a great opportunity for him. And us.

Mr. Waffle doesn't really have many friends. He used to, but lost a lot of them when he sobered up. He regularly attends meetings, but he's just not a social person anymore now that he's clean. I asked if he's got anyone he can talk to that he can trust and talk to, but there's really not anybody impartial he feels he can speak with, so he's talking to his assistant instructor, who has been a really kind person to him throughout his recent schooling and work.

I'm nervous and anxious about the potential change, but I'm trying to see it positively—being alone for the better part of 2 months will give me plenty of time and room to pack and clean the way I want everything packed and cleaned. Of course, that means being alone for the better part of 2 months, packing and cleaning.


I'm not really looking for advice, this is a decision we have to make ourselves. I can't really vent to too many people because like Mr. Waffle, I'm not much of a social butterfly either and don't have many impartial listeners, so I appreciate anyone who read this far. :)

FSM give me strength. In tequila we trust.

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