ETA: Getting it repaired or repairing it myself is clearly the best choice. I think I only was considering getting a whole new phone because I am easily sucked in by the shiny new toys aspect. You have all made me see reason, which is excellent for me and my wallet. Thank you!

Hello lovely GTers! I need some advice on getting a replacement for my poor iPhone with the cracked screen.

I cracked the screen (really seriously shattered it) on my 64GB iPhone 5s last month. It was behaving fine and I was just going to live with it because $$, but recently the touch screen it has started acting up - it doesn’t register my taps or it does but with a huge delay. It also had pre-existing problems (sometimes the internet wouldn’t work, or my music would say it was playing and offer the pause button but nothing would play and the track time would sit a 0:00). It isn’t under warranty anymore, so I can’t take it to the store and get a replacement based on the pre-existing issues.

Since I’m about to take a five week trip that consists of a series of five day backpacking trips in a bunch of national parks, I really don’t feel comfortable with a phone that feels as if the screen might stop working at any time. So here is the question:

Do I get a certified pre-owned 5S or a new 5S? The price difference is $50. I have Verizon if that makes a difference. Details below.

New 32GB 5S - $149 plus $40 upgrade fee
New 16GB 5S - $99 plus $40 upgrade fee
Used 32GB 5S - $99 plus $40 upgrade fee
Used 16GB 5S - $49 plus $40 upgrade fee.


There is also the option of a used 5, but I recall people have serious battery life issues with iPhone 5 that don’t appear to be resolved with the pre-owned ones according to the reviews on Verizon’s website.

Used 32GB 5 - $29 plus $40 upgrade fee
Usd 16GB 5 - $1 plus $40 upgrade fee

Replacing the screen on my current phone would be between $80 and $100 dollars.

HELP! I am overwhelmed by the choices. Is a new phone really worth the $50 price increased over the certified pre-owned phone? Should I just keep using the phone I have now? It is totally functional 90% of the time and its issues are solved by turning it off and turning it back on. This seems like a lot of money to spend when I have a 90% functional device already, but is 90% functional good enough peace of mind for a potential emergency situation while on my trip? (Am I just inventing a reason to spend money because it makes me sad to look at my cracked screen, or because I like the gratification of purchasing things?)


Thank you!!