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Welcome To The Bitchery
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iPod dock?

Hivemind, please help me. I do not comprehend Apple products and don't usually buy them, but I have my old iPod from 2006? or so. I want to get a little speaker dock thingy so we can easily play music in our flat, without having to have the goddamned laptops open all the time. All these speaker docks seem to be only compatible with certain generations of iPods / iPhones / whatever. I don't really get that, because a plug is a plug is a plug, no? (Other the newest newest, which I gather have a different plug)

What on earth do I get? I don't want to spend over £50 and it would need to work with my poor old iPod. Here's the amazon page.


Would anyone be able to help a lady out? Thank you, hivemind!

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