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Welcome To The Bitchery

So I have an iPod classic and I've had it since maybe 2007 and it works really well. I usually dl music on my desktop once in a while to put new songs on it. I don't like this method anymore and it's not going to be very doable once I move to another state (I won't be taking my desktop with me because I don't really use it other than downloading and putting music on my iPod). My question is: If I don't take my desktop, I can't really use it anymore right? Since I won't have my music files with me because they won't be on my laptop or anything. I guess if I had Cloud this would be problem solved? I don't even understand how to get Cloud. The last time I checked on it it cost money and I'm not sure what the case is now. I don't even know if Cloud would work on my desktop lol.

Someone help me 'cause I had it easy before when I would just dl music and put it on my iPod but now I don't wanna do that anymore because it's going to become a hassle. I'm also thinking of getting an Ipad so there's that.


So yeah, help me with my music stuffs.

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