Oh look, I wrote a thing and didn't share! I am sorry! Please forgive me, you all are my favorites! Again, this is all originally posted on www.fiftyshadesofcoral.com! Go there to give me stats to obsess over?

Anyways, it's been a weird month, to say the least, so sorry if things are a little sparse on the blog front. I hope to have a new post up tomorrow, and I may be able to get something queued up for Thursday/Friday. But I may instead write a post about makeup worn to events. Can be pretty interesting, depending on the event and the type of people there! Regardless, there will be stuff up this week, my last box review for February (in my defense, I didn't get it until March 1st.)

There will also be my first guest blogger post! She's gonna be going through her hoards of makeup (we're makeup hoarders, don't judge us okay?) and talking about some of the treasures - and maybe even dudes - that she re-finds! Nothing better than 'shopping' in your own closet/bathroom, am I right?? Exciting!

Onto reviewing!

Welcome back, mes petites choux!

I know, three posts in one week! Going crazy over here! But I wanted to make sure I got at least Birchbox and Ipsy for this month actually out this month, so here we are! Now if only I could get my internet to work... Sigh. First world problems, eh? Anyways, let's get reviewin'!


POP Beauty Plump Pout Mini in Peony Petal ($16) - I am of two minds on this one. Because on the one hand, I really like the color: the pigmentation is excellent, it's easy to apply, and very smooth. On the other, the smell is vaguely reminiscent of slightly off plastic. I just... I can't get over the smell. So, while I will definitely use this one up (it's a massively convenient size for small purses, of which I have an absurd amount), I honestly don't think I'll purchase it again. There are other glosses that are still fairly inexpensive that don't smell. Couldn't they add just a tad of vanilla or something? Anything?! Also apparently this is supposed to be plumping. I didn't notice much of an effect, other than slight tingles, but I HATE plumping lip glosses, so even those tingles put me off it. Ah well, it's not bad enough to make me hate it.


City Color Be Matte Blush in Fresh Melon ($2.99) - For a cheap blush, this is EXCELLENT. Seriously. Granted, I have a fondness for obscenely bright blushes, but I am hugely impressed by both the formulation of this and the color. It's kind of a peachy coral pink, which will be fabulous for summertime, and it goes on like silk. My only complaint is that it can look a little chalky on the cheeks; while it feels awesome and looks awesome, it doesn't blend as well as I'd like. But, I mean, if you can't spring for Illamasqua or NARS, you aren't going to find something much closer in quality for the price than this.

IPKN New York Moist & Firm BB Cream ($35) - By now, you lovies probably know my feelings about BB creams. I've yet to find one that gives good coverage, doesn't leave me feeling super oily, and doesn't immediately break me out. There is enough in this sample to let me give it a shot for a couple of days, and I have to say that I love the SPF 45, but I don't have high hopes. Rarely do foundations with high SPF numbers actually work well as foundation. I'll just have to find a good sunscreen to wear underneath once summertime rolls around and I'm actually spending time outdoors, as sunscreen is not optional.


Zoya Nail polish in Dot ($9) - I love zoya polishes. I've only got a couple, and I've gotten all of those through sub boxes, but I adore them. They're easy to apply, the colors are great, and they don't chip right away. Not much more I can ask for in a polish, honestly. This color is wonderful too, a nice light pink that is neither 'pale' nor 'barbie', it's probably going to make friends with my nails very soon. Not much else to say about this, honestly. It's a great product, and I'm always excited to see a new one in the mail. Fortunately this one is also a full size, because as much as I like the bitty ones, they're just very difficult to use!

Tini Beauty Eyetini Cordial Cream Shadow + base in Ambrosia ($18) - Liquid shadows, my friends, make me nervous. I got some cream/gel shadow thing from Julep, was SO excited, tried it as a liner just on a whim in the evening, and every time I opened my eyes it felt like they were getting stuck. No bueno. You can imagine, then, the epic side-eye I gave this product when I pulled it out of my bag. I like the idea of not having to use a primer, but... ehhhhh scared! So I swatched it on my hand. And honestly, I have to say I'm surprised. The color is an excellent base color, it dries to a powdery finish, and doesn't budge easily. It's also shimmery and not sparkly, which makes my eyes (the sensitive beasts they are) very happy. Mind officially changed, Tini Beauty, well played.


Clearly, I am fan of this month's Ipsy Glam Bag! It was an excellent value (prices above are for full size items - I didn't actually get $35 worth of BB cream!), and I'll use all the products. Only the lip gloss and bbcream are things I am unlikely to buy again, so that's a bonus! We shall see how I get on with that eyeshadow, but I have high hopes.

Do any of you get Ipsy? How did you like yours? Get something different? Tell me in the comments below!


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Ciao, bella!