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Ipsy - March 2014

As usual, this was originally posted over on my blog, Fifty Shades of Coral! Go take a looksie! I also posted a review of Pop Sugar's Must Have box over the weekend - just a little special something because I'm so thrilled with that sub. Nah, it's not super beauty-centric, but I like it, ok? I've also started experimenting with scented nail polish. Yes, it is JUST as disconcerting as it sounds.

Mes petites choux!

So, the post that I had planned today is... going to be postponed until Thursday. Apparently, when I clean my apartment, I then cannot find things that I left out right in front of my face, in the hopes that I'd be able to find it again easily. Well, I did eventually find it (and boy howdy was it embarrassing, how easy it actually should have been to find), but too late to actually get all the photos I needed. It's a process, and I'm going to teach you the process, because it's really REALLY useful, but... well... delays happen! So instead I'm going to review this month's Ipsy bag, which was honestly really super fantastic.


Let's get crakin', shall we?

Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Get Ready ($18 Full Size) - A bitty lipstick! Some may have been disappointed that this was not full-sized, but I have a massive Thing for tiny lipsticks. They're just so cute! The color looks like it'll be a really nice pinkish-nude, and the formulation seems great. Bare Minerals has yet to truly steer me wrong, so I'm looking forward to trying this. It may even fit in my teensy clutch bag! Love the bag, can't fit hardly anything in it. Oh well.

NYX Love in Rio Eye Shadow ($6 Full Size) - I'm honestly not 100% sold on NYX cosmetics in general, guys. I'm looking forward to using this, and hopefully it changes my opinion of the brand, but it just seems a little... cheap. That said, the packaging is probably my favorite part of the little palette! The clasp has a little plastic bow accent, and it feels substantial rather than flimsy. The shadows themselves seem alright, though maybe not as pigmented as I'd like. Also, the one on the end there? Looks pretty sparkly, and I hesitate before putting anything with chunks of glitter anywhere near my eyes. I wear contacts, I'd really rather not get glitter stuck between them and my eyeball. You are welcome, by the way, for that little image.

Chella Indigo Blue Eyeliner ($24 Full Size) - Another marker-like eyeliner pen! I know that sounds sarcastic, but I actually am really excited about this. Blue eyeliner actually looks really good on me, is a fun way to incorporate a little pop of color into a classic look, and this style of pen is SO easy to use. Also, it's full size! Not sure I have anything bad to say about it, actually. Except that I wanted to photograph it with the cap off for you, but I couldn't get the little bugger to balance right. Bah humbug! But for serious, this thing is probably going to become my favorite eyeliner. Now to actually remember to get up early enough in the morning to actually put it on...


Pixi Beauty Flawless Beauty Primer ($9 mini .4oz size) - Primers, while an essential part of my beauty routine, can be very very difficult to get right. While I appreciate the idea of an illuminating primer that also gives you base-line color correction, this one seems like it'll be just a little too sparkly for my taste. There is a difference between 'dewy glow' and 'OMG SHINY', and that line is one I do NOT want to cross. My face is oily enough as it is, help is not necessary. I'll give this a try, but if I don't like it after a use or two it may get consigned immediately to the "throw away as soon as I remember" pile. It is, however, a really decent sample size. So if I do end up liking it, I can get at least a couple weeks use out of the tube, before purchasing more. I haaaaate when you just get those little packets of 'two use' samples. Sorry, that's not enough for me to tell whether or not I like it! Ahem, sorry, rant over.

All in all, this was one heck of a decent Ipsy bag! The bag itself was super cute this month - apparently they are teaming up with artists to come up with new bag designs/patterns, and I find that concept to be pretty exciting. I've got quite the small makeup bag collection, thanks to Ipsy! Hopefully these new artist collabs are neat enough that I can start using them as gift bags for my cousins and friends!


Interested? Want to try it for yourself? Please use my referral link, found HERE! Can't wait for you to join!

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