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Welcome To The Bitchery

Weigh in on the great war between subscription boxes? I want to start subscribing but I don't know how to pick! I know that Birchbox is more of a skincare-leaning subscription with sample sizes. I know that Ipsy is mostly makeup (and you get a bag!). I have heard that the Birchbox points system is better. I know less about Glossy except that it seems like the best of both worlds, but for $11 more a month (is it really worth it?). I have heard more about inconsistency in bag/box quality with Ipsy.

HOW DO I CHOOSE?! I feel like I'm equally open to spending money on skincare vs. makeup. I'm very pale with cool undertones, so matching foundation type things can be tricky, but I'm also open to experimenting with lots of makeup colors. I have a couple of new skincare products that I'm loving so far, though I'm also interested in testing out new and improved methods! Further, I've heard that the stuff from Birchbox is more expensive to purchase, buuut that doesn't really sway me because I can get down on plunking down more $$ fewer times for the sake of quality.

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