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Irate Americans call London, ON Police over Arabic decals on squad cars

Police Headquarters in London, ON have been getting phone calls screaming at them over decals on some of their squad cars that say “police” in Arabic. The decals have been on London police cars for over 9 years, and are in multiple languages, including Vietnamese, Persian/Farsi and Polish and of course, Arabic.

A story in the crazy, right wing American blogosphere recently brought the Arabic decals to the attention of some Americans, who seem to believe that this represents an instance of the “Islamization of Canada”.

The blogger also went on to question why the word French word for police wasn’t on the squad cars instead of Arabic, because apparently using Google translate is hard:


I gotta say, I am really glad that there is an international border between these crazies and the London police. I am guessing the type of person who is most likely to freak out and want try to shoot up the police headquarters is also more likely not to have a passport.

ETA: Apparently the decal on the squad car pictured in the CBC article isn’t even in Arabic, it’s in Farsi.


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