And I'm probably the first to receive their GT Swap.
She sent me a beautiful set of jewelry that I almost bought for myself but ended up favoriting. It's from TheBirdcageVintage on Etsy, and, I'm sorry but I can't remember whose shop that is. I would link, but I'm on my phone. I just got a package from her that was a gift for my mom and was confused when I saw the second package. I got weepy when I opened it because it was such a surprise. How often do people find unique things that you really like? I was at an appointment yesterday afternoon for about 2 hours more than I should have been so I didn't get it until I got to work this morning. Funny thing, I forgot to put on a necklace this morning, but the set totally matches my outfit.

I completly missed IronMam's post under the Gift Swap post about it being on its way. Your package will not be mailed until tomorrow. I have one more thing to do forit first.