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Irony and Facebook.

I know, I know. Today is Ash Wednesday and I am supposed to be charitable and kind and blah blah blah. But I have to complain somewhere because my eye-rolling is giving me a headache.

Today, no less than 12 fb friends have posted what they are doing/giving up for Lent. 7 of them asked people to message them if the person needs suggestions for things to do.


Here is an example: As we start this season of Lent, we are often asked what we are "giving up for Lent" - for the past 7 years instead of giving up something for Lent, I have added something. Last year my goal was to give at least one compliment to a stranger every day (you can't imagine how kind words can change someone's day!!). This year, I am adding 10 minutes of mindful meditation on a spiritual daily thought. If you can't think of anything that would be truly sacrificial to give up, consider adding something! And if you need some ideas, message me....I have plenty!

Today's Gospel reading is Matthew 6: 1-6; 16-18. So, if you need a good example of irony for something.....

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