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Irrational Celebrity Dislike

I don’t know about y’all, but I could use some mindlessness. So, come tell us, which celebrities do you irrationally dislike and why?

Yesterday, I was catching up on some Seth Meyers and he had Billy Crudup on and I was like, UGH!!! Why would you have him on? EWWWW! and fast forwarded through his segment. AND! kept thinking, “His segment’s still not over???”, even though I was fast forwarding.He’s so boring and horrible. Who would want to listen to him that much?!”


I... did not know I had such an intense dislike of Billy Crudup till yesterday. But I stand by it and totally believe that he should have “crud” in his name. Because he’s cruddy! Harrumph!

This definitely stems from him leaving a very pregnant Mary Louise Parker for Claire Danes like one million years ago (I’m not even that huge of an MLP fan, lol) but also from him seeming like a total faux intellectual condescending douchebag (that’s... just based on my feelings, lol).

How about you? Which celebrity irrationally bothers you and why?

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