Who do you irrationally hate? Not like GOOP hate, which is totally rational. But hate in the way that you just can't stand their face and wish they'd cease to exist for no reason? Here are my top 3.

1. Eric Balfour

I don't know what it is about him aside from that he kind of looks like a cartoon drawing of the devil come to life. He's a middling actor, he might be a nice guy for all I know. But he gives off creepy douchebag vibes and I just don't like him.

2. Denise Richards

Look, Drop Dead Gorgeous is one of my favorite movies. And I admire anyone who can make their hair look like they are always just walking out of a shampoo commercial. But when I was little, I saw an ad for Starship Troopers and decided in that moment that I immediately hated her. I don't know why! Maybe it's her cold, dead, fish eyes? I don't know, but I hate her.


3. Chris Hardwick

This one just kills me! I've met him and he really is a totally cool guy! But lately I can't be bothered to listen to his podcast or see him on TV anymore. Something about his enthusiasm is really starting to grate on me. I wish I didn't hate him, because overall I enjoy his work. Is it possible to be a fan of someone while simultaneously loathing them? I'm super sorry, Chris, I just hate you.