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Irrational Hatreds

What is something or someone you hate for absolutely no reason? Mine is Jamie Dornan. I can’t stand his fucking face, so I’m going to post a picture of Gillian Anderson instead because I just finished watching The Fall and she was amazing in it. I want to rewatch it, but I’d like all Jamie Dornan’s scenes taken out.

I have no idea why I dislike this man so much. He’s not a bad actor! Well, not that I’d know. As long as someone doesn’t make me cringe I put them in the “good actor” category.


I absolutely hated his character in The Fall, but you’re supposed to. And even before I watched that, I hated him. And it’s not cause he’s in 50 Shades of Grey either. Cause I don’t have any issue with Dakota Johnson.

Also, why isn’t Gillian Anderson in more things? I need at least 50 more things where she looks exactly like she did in The Fall, and plays that exact same character. Yes, I could rewatch X-files. But I don’t care for the new stuff, and she looks more incredible now than when she was 24. I want to binge on 49yr old Gillian. Ok, Hollywood? Get on that.

What about you, GT? What people, places, or things do you irrationally hate?

Edit: Hours later and only now do I see my word inversion - “no absolutely” instead of “absolutely no.” I do that kind of stuff a lot, and it worries me...

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