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Irrational judginess

I have a few irrational judgement triggers and today I found a new one. My husband has been teasing me the past hour about it. But I can’t help it! Something about the optics just set me off!

The story... we went to a pho place and were sat next to a white family with a kid around nine years of age. The trigger was that the kid had burger and fries from the next door burger joint. I just think it’s rude to bring outside food to a sit down restaurant, esp if it’s American food in an Asian restaurant. I also suspect that I’m sensitive because I’ve had friends tell me upsetting stories about having their food/cuisine rejected because it wasn’t American food. I only experienced this some when I was living overseas... But still!!

What’s amusing to mrchien was that I wasn’t judging them for letting him play games on his iPad. But that I get, he was playing quietly while they could hang out and have adult conversation. Nope I’m just irrational about the food thing. :/


Am I the only one who has irrational judgement triggers? I hope not! What do you do in that situation? Me I send judgy texts to my husband and wait till I’m safely in my car to spill my judgy thoughts, cuz I hate confrontation and I’m passive aggressive like that to total strangers. I’m a terrible person...

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