I just want to keep people thinking about it until it posts. Here is what you can expect: the position starts as a GS 5 so you need some combination of post high school education and job experience. The job listing comes out at the same approximate time each year. Once you are chosen, you are invited to a large meeting room where you get tested for literacy; have an accent, no problem - you definitely need to be a US citizen. we employ blind folks and deaf/hard of hearing folks. One of my Chinese friends has a Chinese name that translates as 'Elegant Pearl" but when she pronounces it it sounds more like 'Arrogant Pearl' and she laughs; if someone gives her shit about her accent she says 'You can hang up and wait another hour to speak to someone else.'

So after that test, they bring you in and test you on phones. This will take you to sometime in September which is when you will receive your class hours. Once you start your classes, you start the 6 months probationary period; the pay is site specific - I live in Seattle which is considered pretty high maintenance - start at 32,000 and after 6 months you can collect unemployment - my suggestion is for everyone to at least have enough money donated to meet the match. Your TSP is your 401k/403b equivalent.

I am just posting this stuff until the jobs open this month sometime.