*edit* I will post here as soon as I know the postings open.


Sorry, I just tossed off that notice about hiring - forgetting how laborious getting through government listing can be. I want you all to understand - I got a job there, I don't have bachelor's degree (I have an AA), I have worked at this job for 5 years and am now a GS-8, I am not great shakes at much of anything but I can answer a phone. You have to have graduated from High School (a GED will get you past that requirement), it would help if you have had jobs that show that you can use a keyboard. Apply - they can only 'not hire' you. As far as I know there is no credit check; if you have student loans - you will have to pay them back but that is the purpose of getting a job, it will not stop you from getting this job. I am just schlub who slowly sliding into retirement.

If you don't apply, you can't get hired.

The list of locations :