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IRS Seasonal Jobs

Last year (perhaps the year before last) someone who works for the IRS (I would give credit but I can’t recall who offhand) posted about IRS seasonal mass job hiring.

Because I hate my “good on paper” federal job, I’m regularly on USA jobs and I noticed the IRS has started its seasonal hiring for this upcoming tax season.

I just used a search of keyword: CONTACT and Agency: Department of Treasury and got the following:



You should also check your specific area because it may be under some other keywords. Also, these job listings roll out so if you don’t see your city, it might show up in a few days or weeks which means you'll need to check back regularly.

Note that the jobs don’t start right away but if you’re looking for something it might be a way to get your foot in the door at the federal government where you too can sell you soul for a good on paper job that you can’t bring yourself to leave because you actually get holidays and vacation time.

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