As everyone knows Meatloaf sang the song Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad in 1977 a song written by his long time collaborator Jim Steinman. The song is about a man telling his girlfriend that he wants her, needs her but will never love her. The song goes on where he says years ago a woman whom he loved told him this as she was leavng. Like the woman whom he loved said to him and walked away he too is walking away from the relationship. Telling her not to waste time with him that she won’t find a Coupe DeVille in a Crackerjack Box she won’t find love from him.

I love this song. I love Meatloaf and Jim Steinman’s works.

I would want someone to walk away if they said

I need you

I want you

But I will never love you.

If they stayed I would feel I would be putting myself in a position to be used. I would love them but getting no love in return but she would still need and want me. Nope. I would say “are you certain? Then maybe its best if we were friends”.

Also is there really that much of a difference between want and need?

If someone said this to you would you think it “ain’t bad”?