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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Is 2pm too early for a glass of wine? This is a serious question ETA: Thanks

So work has not gone well. I went to a coffee shop to get some actual work done instead of sitting in my office and letting people heap their problems on me. Of course, like a moron I picked up on a work call and something about it just put me on edge.

I take a cab back to the office and somebody sideswiped the cab driver!!! Driver gets out (with the damn meter running) and starts yelling at the other guy.


I'm not hurt (thanks for asking after your little fit). But somehow my water bottle opened up and I'm soaking wet.

I think that's a good excuse to work from home for the rest of the day. But I feel really weird and shaky— is it bad to have a glass of wine?


ETA: thanks for the support! I should have mentioned that I have an irrational fear of becoming an alcoholic, so I hesitate where other people are like, huh? Goddamn office said it was OK to go home, but wanted me to take care of "one little thing," that for some reason couldn't be spelled out. I also forgot to mention that I'm pretty wet from the water that capsized in the accident. About 45 mins. later (which is how I was cruising GT) I check in and the big thing was something I HAD DONE LAST WEEK.

I'm having wine, some matzo with salted butter, and watching a Doctor Who episode before getting back to work.

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