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Is anyone else addicted to Stardew Valley?

Thankfully my work has slowed down, because I bought this game on Friday and can barely tear myself away. It’s only been out for a couple weeks, but there have been nothing but stellar reviews and it’s tearing up the steam charts.

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Kotako has had a few good reviews and articles, one of which I’ve posted below. It’s basically a farming* simulator, but everything about it is amazing. You play a depressed office drone who inherits a little plot of land from your grandfather, so you move to the country to see what you can make of it. There, you start clearing land, meeting the community, growing crops, getting a pet, mining, fishing, tending animals, and you can eventually marry and have children if you want. Everything moves at a set pace, and even though there’s always work to do, there’s a really languid feel to the game. It’s almost zen-like. And I can’t stop playing it at home, and thinking about it when I’m at work.

Reviews that put it better than I can:




It’s only $15, and you should get it right now.

*Before you ask, it’s nothing like Farmville.

ETA: From that last review, a paragraph that puts the appeal perfectly:

I’m the first person to admit that all of this might just sound like work to someone who isn’t familiar with these kinds of games. Maybe even worse than work, because all you really have to show for it afterwards is a save file, some numbers that went up and others that went down. The best way that I can explain it is that these are the games I go to when I feel frayed, when I need to feel like I’m in control of things and moving forward. Life can’t always provide those feelings when they’re needed most. Sometimes you need to see that even if a storm wrecks your crops, in the long run everything will probably be fine. You will be fine. You will plant more, and water them, and things will all come together again.

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