Or is it just me? Feel free to have a "worst day"-off in the comments if you're having a shitty day, too.

Today, I woke up to a rejection from a huge fellowship I spent most of fall applying to. I went on to get rejections from two of the top companies in the field I want to enter, one of which I got a rejection straight away from (no interview), and one of which I'd spent three weeks prepping for my interview and went on to have an interview that I feared was not good, but was hoping maybe I was being too hard on myself. One of my best friends recommended me at that company, and she knows me really well and had told me I seemed really well-suited to the position, so I'd gotten pretty excited about it.

Then I got a call from the data restoration place I'd taken my computer to, and none of my data is recoverable

So the important question is: should I emotionally eat Panda Express or Thai food while watching Hart of Dixie in my pajamas? Also, who on here recommended Hart of Dixie? Because I'm now obsessed.