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Is anyone else hilariousing at the new sponsored post?

This fella (excuse me, PERSON) right here?


I get the feeling that they just literally did a find and replace on pronouns and stereotypes to make it gender appropriate for women as well as men... and considering the show is about three dudes who are wingmen (I'm sorry, wingPEOPLE) for each other, it seems like they're trying just a litttttttle too hard. I'm pretty curious if one would ever describe a male wingman as the "mama bird" for their friend.

It also seems like this show is basically designed to appeal to the type of person who watches How I Met Your Mother and doesn't really get the satire of Neil Patrick Harris's character (there is some there, right? right? the world's okay?)

Anyway, I have to go make sure my girlfriends' flys are up and then maybe cry into my ex's jeans so, I'll check you guys PEOPLE later.

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