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Is anyone interested in a beautiful cat skin rug?

I haven't made it yet but I promise it will be made.

Catlover has come up with a foolproof way of waking me up early in the morning. At about 6:30 am he knocks the box fan out of the window. I sit straight up in bed, my dreams interrupted by a cacophony of plastic. The fan keeps running while it's on the ground. Catlover then plaintively wails at me. The first time he did it, I thought he had somehow gotten caught under the fan. I bolted up and felt around for him on the floor. He was still sitting on the windowsill. He was fine. He looked smug and just a little peckish.

He's done this five or six times over the course of the summer. I can't think of any way to make him stop other than refusing to engage with him before his normal breakfast time between 8:30 and 9:00 am. This morning I had too much adrenaline in my system to fall back asleep so I read, then got on the internet. He is meowing desperately, walking across my body back and forth. His eyes are wide and cute, but I will not detain him to pet him. He sure as he'll isn't getting his breakfast early. That little fucker.


Instead I offer to you, fellow GTers, a fine ginger tabby cat skin rug. It may be small, but at least it will be quiet.

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