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Is Anyone Interested in a Credit Expert Q&A?

Hey everybody! Does anyone here have any interest in a Q&A on credit around these parts? I know that Lifehacker had an Ask an Expert about it but credit questions are so esoteric that I think another one would be a good thing. Plus I'm working on my credit and I selfishly want to also ask a question or two. I might send out some feelers to people I can find on the internets and see if I can find one or two people willing to answer questions for an hour and host it on Powder Room if the interest is there. Also, when would be a good day and time to host a Q&A for everyone? Please put your answer in eastern time or include your time zone so that I know what 7:00 or whatever you're talking about. Thanks all!


Also, because I was alerted to it, here's a great intro course on your credit report and credit score from our own sugarhill.

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