Portland Meetup?

ETA: Am I sharing this too much? Maybe but I'm also a CRAZY OVERPLANNER. Also, I'm going to be emailing people in the next couple of days to figure out dates and times and things. Be sure to email me if you want to be included in the planning!

Bumping for Thursday afternoon people and BECAUSE I CAN

If you're interested in going, e-mail me with a preference of the 14th or the 15th. I think we have around 6 or 7 people that are in or probably in, but I want a good hard count and also to start discussing meeting places.

Should we do trivia? I think we should do trivia.

Is anyone still interested in a Portland Meetup?

Hi all! I wrote about this back in January but then depressed me reared its ugly head for a month or so. But I'm still very interested in doing a 3/14 or 3/15 meetup if anyone is interested. Sooooo....

Aurora goes with Fergus
pez the destroyer
Plotr Reezppo
Person that emailed me

and everyone else that wants to get together and drink some things and have fun! I'll have couches/guest bed available for anyone that wants to crash. E-mail me if you're interested and we can get planning as a group!